About the Moxie Supper diet

Serving spunk on a plate

A video Appetizer from a gray matter kitchen:

Moxie Supper: some of what is sometimes the joy of finding ways to be human

Come here for a diet of ideas served with a limited fork (our spiciest theory)
and to be eaten with a limited fork.

100% fat-free ideas served to you for free! on the moxie supper plan from the Gray Matter Kitchen

If you're tired of tasteless ideas that fill you with empty mental calories unable to satisfy your cravings for more complex thinking that won't turn to brain flab; if you secretly crave more dimensions to meanings that may or may not prove impossible well beyond current limits on lifespan, meanings that can be part alternative and part antidote to catchy pop refrains and marketing jingles that are often like sonic roaches, then take the moxie supper path to the moxie supper diet that allows you to gain mental weight while sloughing some flab (maybe of superficiality maybe not; we don't yet know for sure, but you'll be rid of it, probably temporarily).

Thoughts served to nourish mind, body, and/or spirit boldly.

Form that thoughts take will be open, a variety of displays
(and connecting cuisines) to entice you into taking a bite.

Maybe you'll taste something and experience some remarkable Alice growth (hers is not the only wonderland), experiencing more by alternately shrinking and growing to access aspects of experience differently; to reconfigure understandings and meanings that can be attached (and detached) to meanings.

As a graduate student, I wrote in Spanish an essay whose title translates, sometimes, into A Study of Alice Through the Looking Glass in which the Looking Glass is a Gravitational Lens.
A delivery system of impressive distortions, weird fluctuating geometries, multiple images partially responsible for humanity's fluctuating significance, a significance far away from us: humanity stranded in a cosmic fun house

in which there's a form of and a feast of Moxie Supper in every uncertain room.

Alice in Wonderland 1st Growth Scene by enespl

House specialty: thinking styles on which life styles may be pinned

These suppers may be delivered to you anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

For dessert, the Moxie House staff recommends that you consider some Mid-Hudson Taffy.

Bon App├ętit!